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 Greed and Ignorance, humanity's greatest enemies.

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King Inex

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PostSubject: Greed and Ignorance, humanity's greatest enemies.   Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:08 pm

Fairly simple, I believe that greed and ignorance are the ultimate obstacles in the way of our progress as humans. Greed may benefit the individual and possibly their family, but altruism is a far more desirable trait to have. Instead of everyone for themselves, however industrious the greedy may be, they are not interested in or ignorant of their fellow man. The richest who have never known suffering would never stop to consider the fact that they could still live a needlessly lavish and comfortable life and yet help millions, in some cases, get educated and increase their quality of life.

I think such people are failed humans. This is the most stark example however, greedy people exist from those lofty places to the type of person who would take and not give back to the community.
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Greed and Ignorance, humanity's greatest enemies.
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